Who is Who?

ET and Hybrid Child - Artwork by Corey Wolfe

Who are the players in the field? The majority of people involved in exopolitics probably come from UFO circles. But it also include political scientists, diplomats, people from the military, e.a.


Exopolitics South Africa

Exopolitics South Africa is run on a part-time basis by a small network of volunteers, which include Manuel Lamiroy, Erica Koen, Mo Abrahams, Valja Roseman, and Lene Tempelhoff. The NEWS web site publishes contributions by several authors.

There is more information available if you, too, would like to get involved.


Players Worldwide

We are in the process of compiling a database that lists most of the relevant players. Thus far, short bios of over 100 of those have been published in the Exopaedia, where they can be found in the alphabetical index.

In the mean time, the membership list of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute lists quite a number of key individuals, too.

A list of more than 100 UFO researchers can also be found at www.ufoevidence.org/researchers.


Extraterrestrial races

If you are looking for a list of extraterrestrial races that are or have been active on Earth, we suggest you have a look at the relevant topic in the Exopaedia: www.exopaedia.org/Extraterrestrial+Civilizations. Based on testimony by contactees, abductees, whistleblowers, a list of more than 120 (!) races or civilisations has thus far been established.