The ET presence

Visitors from Within - Artwork by Corey WolfeEarth is being visited by extraterrestrials, and that has been the case for a long time. The evidence is all over the place. "Then why haven't I seen it, or why do the media not report on it?" you may ask. Because the evidence is hidden, scattered, and compartmentalized, to prevent one from seeing the bigger picture. Because the public has been misled to believe there is no evidence. Because the media are being discouraged to pay attention to UFOs and the possibility of the extraterrestrial presence. Yet the evidence IS here, if you know where to look for it. And it's evidence that would easily stand in court.

The Evidence

The first question, when looking for evidence of the extraterrestrial presence, is what would be acceptable as 'evidence'.

It is good to start from an analogy. Imagine two people, A and B, getting into an argument, which is witnessed by several people. A goes home, gets his gun. He drives to the home of B, where B's neighbours see him arrive. They hear a gun shot, see A put something, the size of a man, in the boot of his car and drive off. Other witnesses see A throw something, the size of a man, in the river, along with his gun.

It is obvious that A is guilty of murder. Yet if we would apply the strictest definitions of 'scientific proof,' and accept 'quantifiable proof' only, - as is the case in, e.g., some natural sciences, - the conclusion could be:

  • there is no body
  • there is no murder weapon
  • there is no proof that there even was a murder: all we know is that B is missing.

It is important to not fall into this trap of requiring quantifiable scientific proof. If we take a more pragmatic approach, there is plenty of evidence that would stand in court.

It is also important to realize that in order to prove that extraterrestrials are here, we don't have to prove, e.g., that all UFOs are extraterrestrial ships. It is enough that we can prove at least one case of extraterrestrial presence to justify speaking in terms of 'the extraterrestrial presence.'

Well then, what is the presence that is available? The following categories can be distinguished:


Whistleblower testimonies

whistleblowers: Bob Dean, Clifford Stone, Dan BurischWhistleblowers are a special category of witnesses who claim to have participated, often in their professional capacity, in classified projects involving extraterrestrial technologies and/or extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs). They can be scientists or members of UFO recovery teams who interacted with extraterrestrials, or translators who translated documents with regard to extraterrestrials, or documentalists who classified documents, or engineers who worked on reverse engineering the technology of alien devices, etc.

In the USA, Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project has testimony of more than 400 whistleblowers from the military and from companies who worked for the military. He held a Press Conference on 9 May 2001 at the National Press Club in Washington DC. The video can be viewed online at: (Note that the video is almost 2 hours long!):

Whistleblowers are important witnesses because of their exceptional credibility, since they are reliable people, with the necessary credentials, who dealt with extraterrestrial matters in their professional capacity.
Adding to their credibility is the risk that these people take. In the USA, e.g., a Joint Army Navy Air force Publication (JANAP 146c) was released in 1954 that makes it an offense for military personnel to release info on UFOs. Penalties involve imprisonment for up to 10 years, as well as the penalties involved for the unauthorized release of classified information more generally. Many whistleblowers also state that they had to sign a document in which they waive their constitutional rights and agree that they can be sent to prison without trial (!) if they reveal certain information. Most whistleblowers have far more to lose than gain by coming forth.

In September 2010, a second press conference was organized at the National Press Club in Washington DC. This time it was organized by Robert Hastings and Robert Salas, and the focus was on the activities of UFOs near nuclear facilities.

Other important resources of whistleblower testimony are Project Camelot, as well as the Exopolitics Journal that offers several interviews with whistleblowers. On the Earth Files web site, Linda Moulton Howe also offers numerous interviews with whistleblowers.

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UFO sightings

UFOs are 'Unidentified Flying Objects.' That does NOT mean that all UFOs are extraterrestrial vehicles. In all likelihood, most are not. But there is sufficient evidence that some are. Another category of witnesses, therefore, are the witnesses of UFO sightings. These include some highly credible witnesses, whose testimony has often been corroborated by radar sightings.

Chinese UFO sighting 17 August 2006On average, there are between 40,000 to 50,000 UFO reported sightings each year, worldwide, that remain 'unexplained' (based upon numbers given by Dr. David Jacobs in Secret Life). Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of reported sightings nowadays remains unexplained. The figures currently range between 70 and 75 percent that remain unidentified, as is shown in the following examples:

  • MUFON-CES / Central Europe: 70 % are UFOs, 30% are identified. (Statistics published in 2001 for the 25 year period 1974 - 2001)
  • UFO Research Queensland: about 75% remain unidentified after exhaustive investigation and analysis, leaving only 25 % identified

Also interesting to note is that a survey conducted by UFO Research Queensland revealed that 97% of the people who ever witnessed a UFO, preferred NOT to report the sighting. This implies that the actual amount of UFO encounters could be 32 times higher than the reported amount of sightings. (Though it should be added that the amount of explainable sightings would in all likelihood be far higher then).

With regard to UFOs, it is important to know that the team of Project Sign - which was an official investigation, sanctioned by the Pentagon, into the 'flying disks' phenomenon - already in 1948 came to the conclusion that some UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin. Indeed, in its 'Estimate of the Situation' the team had come to the conclusion that the craft were under intelligent control, and were not 'domestic' (i.e. from the USA), nor from the USSR, and that the 'interplanetary origin' therefore was the most likely explanation. However, when the team presented its findings, General Hoyt Vandenberg ordered that all copies of the Estimate had to be burned. (Michael Swords published a number of papers on this. It is also mentioned in Michael Salla's "The History of Exopolitics: Evolving Political Approaches to UFOs & the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis", Exopolitics Journal, vol. 1.1, pp. 1-17).

Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman spent decades analyzing UFO reports and came to the same conclusion as the Project Sign team did:

Careful review of a vast array of relevant evidence clearly leads to the conclusion that some unidentified flying objects are intelligently controlled vehicles whose origin is outside our solar system. All the arguments against the extraterrestrial origin seem to be based upon false reasoning, misrepresentation of evidence, neglect of relevant information, ignorance of relevant technology, or pseudo sophisticated assumptions about alien appearance, motivation, or government secrecy.

Don Ledger also published a book and a paper on the best available evidence that came to the same conclusion.

In 2007 Paul Kimball made a documentary on the best cases, which is now available for free:

Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings from Paul Kimball on Vimeo.


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Close encounters of the third kind / contactees

ETAnother category of witnesses are the people who have had direct encounters with extraterrestrials.

The 'contactee' phenomenon emerged in the early fifties, where several people claimed they had had encounters with friendly 'space brothers.' Unfortunately, many of these contactees turned out to be hoaxers, or suffered from "offer and demand disease" where they may have had one or more initial encounters but started making up more and more of their 'experiences' as time went by, to satisfy the demand from people who wanted to hear more. The unfortunate side-effect of that is that it cast a negative shadow on people who had genuine experiences. Still, every year, a percentage of reported UFO sightings include 'close encounters of the third kind' in which people observe extraterrestrial beings.

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Close encounters of the fourth kind / abductions

Another special category of witnesses are the people who experienced one or more "alien abductions."

The phenomenon rose to prominence and gained scientific credibility when a host of academics started investigating alien abductions seriously, with scientific methodologies. A multidisciplinary conference held in 1992 at the MIT on the subject included respected speakers like the late Professor John Mack, Professor David Jacobs, Professor David Pritchard, Professor Thomas Eddie Bullard, John Carpenter, and others.

An estimated six million people within the USA are believed to have experienced one or more alien abductions. There is no doubt that these people experienced something that affected them, and that many abductees have real traumas as a result of it. By a process of elimination, the researchers came to the conclusion that indeed abductions by aliens are the most likely explanation. As Professor David Jacobs puts it in Secret Life:

We are left with a puzzle. No viable alternative theory has emerged that takes into account the totality of the data in the abduction experience. Some theories address specific parts of abductions, but none even comes close to explaining the mechanism of the internal generation of these stories. No significant body of thought exists that presents strong evidence that anything else is happening other than what the abductees have stated.

The 1992 MIT conference also revealed that alien abductions are a worldwide phenomenon, and that, interestingly, different groups seems to be active in different parts of the world.

Abductors in the USAbductors in the EU
Abductors in the UKAbductors in Brazil

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UFO crashes

Body found at crash siteApart from sightings and encounters, there also is sufficient evidence that quite a number of extraterrestrial vehicles have crashed on Earth. These crashes are reported in news paper articles, but also in official documents, which have been made available to the public through, e.g., FOIA requests.

The best book on the topic is without a doubt Ryan S. Wood, Majic Eyes Only which analyzes the available evidence with regard to 74 UFO crashes between 1897 and 1997.

A compilation from different sources on the Internet resulted in a list of 108 documented crashes worldwide between 1946 and 1996. In these crashes more than 150 bodies and at least 15 survivors were recovered.
(See, e.g., More than half of these crashes occurred in the USA.

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Archeology and Cultural Anthropology

Mythologies from all over the world mention visitors from the stars. Many of them tell stories of gods who came from outer space to Earth and 'created' mankind through genetic engineering, where they combined their DNA with that of Earth primates. Many myths also tell how the descendants of these gods started interbreeding with mankind. These stories even made their way into the Bible / Old Testament / Torah / Quran.

Most scholars still interpret most of these myths as symbolic explanations of our place in the Universe. A literal interpretation of some of these myths, can however be quite revealing, as Zecharia Sitchin demonstrated when he started translating the ancient Sumerian clay tablets. The picture that emerged was one of warring factions of extraterrestrial settlers who were using technologies that are reminiscent of present day ones: nuclear energy, space travel and space suits, planes, rocket missiles, etc.

The Sumerians weren't of course the only ones describing such scenes. The ancient Indian texts are also filled with references to aerial battles in which the gods travel in "Vimanas."

Sometimes the myths of some cultures have knowledge that is even more advanced than our own. Take, e.g. the Dogon tribe in Mali, who had knowledge about Sirius being a trinary star system, and even knew the orbit of one of those stars around the other. The existence of the third star, and the accuracy of that orbit have only been confirmed in the last two decades. Or take, e.g., the astronomical calendars of the ancient Maya that can match any of ours in accuracy. In both cases, these cultures point to extraterrestrial visitors as the source of their knowledge.

Loads of archeological finds corroborate the existence of highly advanced technology that clashes with the current views on history. Because these finds do not fit in the current paradigm, they are often ignored, or worse, hidden. Such objects are sometimes referred to as "Ooparts" (Out of Place Artefacts). More information is also available on the Internet, where names like "Forbidden Archeology" are used.

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Remote Viewing and channelling.

Remote viewing and channelling are two very interesting phenomena that hold a promise towards the future but that at present are insufficiently reliable to qualify as 'proof.' There still are too many 'intervening factors' that make the information, obtained through channelling or remote viewing, reliable. However, this does not take away the fact that some remote viewers and channellers have provided information that was later on corroborated. (Take, e.g., Ingo Swann, who, against the knowledge at the time, "remote viewed" a ring around Jupiter, only months before the ring was actually discovered). So they can be useful as secondary or corroborating evidence or sources of information, i.e. to add weight to existing proof / information.

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Other evidence

Another category of important evidence, are the official documents with regard to UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence, often referred to as FOIA documents. (FOIA: Freedom of Information Act. In may countries in the world, in order to boost transparency in legislation and administration, citizens can ask for information to be de-classified after a number of years.) L. Fawcett & B.J. Greenwood published a book, The UFO Cover-Up, which is mainly based upon documents retrieved through FOIA requests. Peter Gersten and CAUS ("Citizens Against UFO Secrecy") also have obtained much information about UFO research being done by the US government, through FOIA requests.

There is other 'nuts and bolts' type evidence available as well. Take, e.g., the changes in the molecular structure of plants where a UFO touched down, or the radioactive radiation that can be measured on such locations afterwards. A lot of the UFO research focuses on this 'measurable' kind of evidence, and plenty of proof is available as well.

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The Implications

All of this proof really leaves no doubt about it: ET is here. We are not alone in the Universe. We have never been.

Needless to say that this has enormous implications for almost every aspect of our lives. Most of our belief systems, be it for biology, religion, physics, astrophysics, astronomy, etc. will have to be reassessed. Our place and our role in the Universe have to be reassessed.

The existence of extraterrestrials, and their proven presence here on Earth, opens the field of exopolitics, which is what this site is about. Exopolitics studies the key individuals and institutions, as well as the political processes that deal with extraterrestrials and their presence on Earth, and in this part of our Galaxy. It investigates who the players are, both human and extraterrestrial, what parts they are playing, what their behaviour is like, and what we can deduce about their motivations and the strategies to achieve their goals.

On the one hand, exopolitics therefore focuses on what are we, humans on Earth, are doing; who is doing it and why? On the other hand, exopolitics focuses on what ET is doing here? What are his motivations and intentions? Exopolitics also focuses on the existing interactions between humans and extraterrestrials.

Preliminary findings have led to the formulation of a number of working hypotheses, which have to be tested further. These hypotheses include that there are several groups of extraterrestrials interacting with both governments and individuals, on an ongoing basis. Governments all over the world have decided to keep this information a secret for a number of reasons (discussed in the 'cover-up and disclosure' page), including a fear of a possible disintegration of society. At the same time, governments have made agreements with some extraterrestrial groups. In retrospect, it looks like agreements may have been made that have gone wrong.

In the words of retired Specialist Sgt. Clifford Stone, who 'hypothesized' the following:

Let us suppose that we make a deal with a group of aliens. Among other things we agreed that they can have prearranged bases. We will provide security and we will not acknowledge their existence to the general public. In return, they're going to go ahead and carry on certain experimentations, gathering various minerals, getting various flora, various animal life. They're also going to go ahead and conduct some experiments or some research on human beings. Now this troubles us because we don't want that to get out of hand, so we bargain a little deeper and we come to the agreement that, okay, if you abduct anyone we need to know who they are so that if there are any problems in the future we can go ahead and take care of those people who may need medical or psychological attention, so we can assist with this. They say, fine, we will provide you with say a list of all abductees.
Later, we find out that they are providing us with maybe a hundred or two hundred abductions maybe every couple of months, but we discover that the number is really into the thousands. We also find out that this scientific curiosity is also being used to tag these people, i.e. the implants, and we are not being told why they are doing this. Now we no longer have control over the abductions. We might even find that there might even be a scarier aspect to it - let's say some of these abductees appear to be 'sleepers,' there is some type of information that they're being fed, a post-hypnotic suggestion for lack of a better term. But don't think that this is hypnotic at all - it's not. It is a very much advanced technological process. Anyhow, they are being told at a certain time, a certain place in the future, they are going to be required to recall things that they are being told at this time, right toward the end of the experimentation or whatever is going on. However, alien forces want this to be kept so secret that if you try to pull this out of them while they're under hypnosis, it will cause the body functions to become under stress.

It is obvious that such testimony requires further investigation, and that's what exopolitics is about.

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