About Exopolitics South Africa

South Africa from SpaceExopolitics South Africa is an autonomous South African organization, dedicated to the study of exopolitics. It is part of a rapidly expanding network that already spans the globe. Exopolitics South Africa also works together with other exopolitical researchers.



Exopolitics South Africa is involved in the following research initiatives:

Field Research

Exopolitics South Africa does exopolitical, UFO and contactee research in Southern Africa. At present we are making an inventory of research that is being done already in South Africa.

South African contact cases can be found on the NEWS site, where they have their dedicated section.

Another interesting field of research that is exclusive to Exopolitics South Africa is the study of traditional African mythologies which all include different races of extraterrestrial visitors. It cannot be a coincidence that African mythologies mention several star visitors that are identical to the ones contactees and abductees all over the world describe:

  • Shape-shifting Reptilians, who have been given many names, including Chitauri, Imanujela, Imbulu, etc. They are the ones who came from the skies, "changed our being" (=altered our DNA) and subjugated mankind in the distant past.
  • Greys who abduct and "torment" people, and are known as Mantindane.
  • Caucasian looking Blonds with golden hair and blue eyes, known as the Wazungu.
  • The African version of Bigfoot or Sasquatch is called Ogo, and the only difference with the Yeti, which has white fur, and the American Sasquatch, which has red fur, is that the Ogo has black fur. It is sometimes described as a humanoid gorilla.
  • Another creature, that is very active in Africa, is the so-called Tokoloshe, which Credo Mutwa describes as looking like a nasty sort of teddy bear with a sharp, bony ridge on its head. This is similar to a creature in some "hairy dwarf" stories with regard to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. (Though it should be added that most "hairy dwarf" stories in Europe describe a different being that looks more like a short, warted humanoid with fur).

All of these are known to Zulu sangomas. Credo Mutwa mentions that these are the most important ones, but that there are more. Further research is needed, but the first results are published here. If anybody has more information, please contact us.


Logo ExopaediaLaunched in 2008, the Exopaedia aims to become an encyclopaedia on all extraterrestrial matters. It is the successor of the Hyperbase Project, which started off as a database for therapists working with abductees. The Exopaedia has its own dedicated web site.


Exophenotypology is a classification of extraterrestrials that have been encountered, based on their physical appearance. This is ongoing, and can be found here.

Exopolitics Journal

Exopolitics JournalThe Exopolitics Journal is published quarterly by the Hawaiian Exopolitics Institute. The Journal is an online resource established for individuals wanting to study the key actors, institutions and processes associated with the extraterrestrial hypothesis. It is a valuable source of information for anyone wanting to understand the political implications of multiple sources of evidence concerning the extraterrestrial hypothesis that our Earth is currently being visited and monitored by extraterrestrial races.



The educational programme is run by the Exopolitics Institute, in Hawaii, and offers a three tiered system of courses and seminars that each culminate in an Exopolitics certificate or diploma. The goal is to provide the necessary conceptual skills, practical knowledge and diplomatic training so individuals are equipped to study, investigate and write about evidence supporting the extraterrestrial hypothesis; or to communicate and interact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Most of the courses are available online, and can therefore be followed from anywhere in the World.


At present three educational programmes are on offer:

For more information go to: www.exopoliticsinstitute.org/certificates.


Exopolitics Disclosure Programme

This program supports official disclosure of all available evidence concerning an extraterrestrial presence and preparing the general public for open interaction with extraterrestrials. The goal is to provide institutional support for a range of initiatives aimed at having national security agencies and military departments in the United States and elsewhere disclose to the general public, mass media and political representatives all evidence of an extraterrestrial presence. Whistleblowers who have evidence of a range of projects involving extraterrestrials and their technology will be supported.

One key initiative in this program is the creation of an association of key exopolitical activists and scholars who can coordinate their efforts in ways that mutually reinforce their respective goals and activities. The creation of an Association of Independent Exopolitical Interests will establish a database and web site for the coordination of these efforts so full disclosure of the ET presence can be most effectively achieved. Those interested in open dialogue with individuals discussing how to prepare for contact with extraterrestrials can do so through the following Yahoo discussion group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/prepare4contact/ .


Extraterrestrial Contact Programme

This programme provides institutional support for investigating cases of individuals with credible evidence of voluntary physical contact and communications with extraterrestrial races. The goal is to analyze the credibility of such cases, and when appropriate disseminate the information and technologies gained from such extraterrestrial contacts with the general public.


Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrials