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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. Hi Guys. Sorry, not UFO, but not sure where to go with this. I woke up with these marks on my skin. Not itching. Not inflamed. I read online snd saw lots of similar things related to post-abduction. Also noticed when woke up that my semen was kind of over my pants. Weird, sorry, but […]
  2. At about 06.00 on 15 April 2019 I was standing on the balcony of our hotel room in the Bantry Bay Hotel. The hotel is located on the very border of Sea Point and Bantry Bay. It was still dark and then out of the night sky, over the ocean, a diamond- shaped flying object […]
  3. 15 April 2019 Today I was standing outside our home office and just looking at the sky and clouds when I spotted in between two clouds a disc type object which looked like a brown colour, it seemed to be motionless which was strange, I called my husband who obviously was not in the slightest […]
  4. After spending the day hiking in Klipkraal my friends and I had a braai later that evening. I took a few photos of them around the braai. The next day while reviewing the the pictures I realised I had caught a UFO. In the picture a glowing green rectangular shaped object can be clearly seen.
  5. UFO Flying V at 8.15pm moving south to north over our house in Ravensklip , Boksburg . I went out to to check on clouds and saw this huge V shaped flying object silently at a reasonably slow speed going over our house .. I called Colleen (wife )outside to see it as well and […]
  6. Good day I am Martin and i am normal sane person and my mental state is sound and healthy and i did not dream the following . At 18h00 on 03/04/2019 i just came back from work and sat down to watch a program on tv when i heard a funny noise outside my flat […]
  7. 2019 /03 27 – 6:30 am – 9 am and still in the same position hasn’t moved. I am in St James and I have witnessed with me. we happened to be outside looking at sunset, I looked back across mountain towards moon and noticed a flash of light on a brilliantly light object – […]
  8. Date: Friday, 22 March 2019. As I was chatting to my friend looking at the view over Seapoint, I saw 2 concentrated lights (looked like back lights of a triangular shaped, invisible aircraft, moving in parrallal, they were slightly in the cloud cover. They faded out, and faded back in, with the movement at a […]
  9. We drove from Kenilworth to Gordon’s Bay last night at around 00:15 and saw a diamond shaped object with bright white lights. The object seem to change shape, or the lights changed and gave the illusion of changing the shape of the object. It looked like on several occasions one of the lights moved down […]
  10. 00:50 seeing with my wife, still hovering, not moving at all, 7 sharp diamond and wing shaped bright objects in the night sky. Way brighter than stars. Unusual shape. Tried to make pictures, but my phone is bad and the objects to far away. Now we have 01:15 and the objects are still there. Wide […]