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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. On 8th of January 2012 me and my three friends were on a vacation in South Africa and we were too scared to tell our story!!! Contact us for more
  2. When I was roughly 15 years old in June of 1996, we were standing on our balcony looking at the ocean and stars in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban. Both my Dad and I saw movement to our left, and as clear as day, we saw what can only be described as 3 “flying saucers”. They were […]
  3. I was lying outside on my back, looking up into the blue sky. I saw something, very very high, what seemed to be much higher than what planes fly – seeing that CT International Airport is just 5 minutes from me and I frequently see planes flying to / from airport. This was what seemed […]
  4. 15/01/2019 at about 19:10pm i was sitting out side with my girlfriend and her mom when a red light cought my girlfrinds moms eye she pointed it out it took a while to see because itbw as behind the trees so i didnt see it untill the gap in the trees. A prefect bright red […]
  5. Saw a strange object going up, at first I thought it was a shooting star but wasnt that fast or bright.. I thought it was going to come out when it went in the clouds. First sighting of this kind
  6. This happened back in about 2012.One evening i was standing in my backyard when my eye caught a red light approaching from the direction of Hennenman.At first i thought it was a light plane coming in to land at Welkom Airport.All of a sudden this red light just stopped and hanged in mid air,but quite […]
  7. 17th, January 2019 at 10:24am. Glenmore, Durban. I was outside with my wife and daughter when I looked up to see a bright shining object traveling from west to east. I thought it may have been a weather balloon reflecting light from the morning sun, but I’m not certain. Ten minutes later I witnessed possibly […]
  8. at about 01:10 am on 10/01/2019 i saw strange blue green light in cape town night sky in direction over gugulethu looking from manenberg .light came in from left side moving right and made a u-turn back left .
  9. Dates of sightings: 03 January 2019 04 January 2019 08 January 2019 I saw a strange light moving east in the night skies between 9:30 and 10:30 at uneven speeds and trajectories on the above mentioned dates in Tulbagh, Western Cape. My partner and I have been looking up at the night skies since the […]
  10. 04-01-2019 at ~22H30 Upon gazing in the nights’ sky, I immediately noticed what I thought were two satellites nearby one another and clearly moving with different trajectories to one another. I thought this to be a pleasant coincidence, and based on their trajectories they should be moving away from each other as time went on. […]