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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
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  2. Driving home from Nelspruit to Lydenburg me and my wife saw a silver ball object in the sky. We were driving on long tom pass and want to pull off to take a photo but it dissappeared by the time we stopped
  3. In the very early hours of 1 September 1996 I was outside in our yard in Krugersdorp when I heard a very low rumbling sound coming from the west. A flying object came flying over my head at about 200m from the ground, it traveled at about the same speed as a light aircraft. It […]
  4. On Sunday at about 15h00 we were around our pool area, and all of a sudden my eye cought a flaching light high up in the sky. I asked the rest of the family if they can see it and all saw it. I fetched my binocs and lookehed through them and very cleary saw […]
  5. At approximately 6:55pm on Saturday 28th September 2019, I was outside on our balcony in Kyalami Estates Midrand and decided to take a picture of the evening sky over Johannesburg. I didn’t see anything at the time but after I checked the photo I noticed that a bright, white, spherical orb had appeared in the […]
  6. Staff reported they saw a football sized white ball yesterday about 1pm in the sky in the same place I saw the white ball at 11pm. I also saw two very large lights that I thought were aeroplane headlights but a plane of that size and that low would not be possible so low on […]
  7. 10.48pm 19.09/2019 I heard a low bass sound while on a skype call, thought it was a shabeen and went outside to check. Very large bright, silvery white light above the trees in a Northerly direction toward Lanseria airport. It winked out as I was looking at it and sound dissapeared as well.
  8. At around 17H30 19/09/2019 in Krugersdorp, I saw what I thought to be a meteor entering our atmosphere. Not sure if it burnt up after entering but it had a green streak and it broke into to two little balls of yellow/gold light and then disappeared which is why I think it just burnt out. […]
  9. Did anyone see the night sky light up at about 9:45 this evening. Am in Goodwood and saw the sky light up direction table view/bothasig. Was about a half a minute, thought it was lighting but waited and did not happen again and no thunder. Might have Been a sub station explosion but surely there […]
  10. chilling on the hotel stoep – looks exactly like a star but moves very fast for very short bursts and then hiver for a few seconds before repeating. stared at it for +-30minutes now, and became dull, but still up there. also twice saw horizontal “lightning like” lights showing tens of smaller “stars” around this […]