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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. My Wife and I witnessed a bright “star” above the nelspruit area , upon inspection we noticed that the object would move in different directions ,left ,right up,down and in small circular motions. It seemed close with the naked eye and took out the binoculars and that is when we saw that the object was […]
  2. Saturday 15 May 2021 18:00 Now this is my second report on this site. If there is one thing my husband told me to do is always look up at the skies and i have seen some weird things in the sky. Saturday my aunt moved to Waverley when we were standing outside waiting for […]
  3. Date: Saturday 15 May 2021 Time: 18:33 My mother and I were on our balcony star gazing like we always do when the night skies are clear enough to see the constellations. Some nights it’s clear enough to see the milky way, that’s because we live in the country side. Something caught our eye as […]
  4. Red, blue, purple and yello. 2 May 2021 at 22h00. It was hovering and slowly moved towards a western direction.
  5. Object and a few objects following it. Looked like stars. All 6-7 equal size. But it was close. Travelling as fast as a satellite. My husband also saw it. Looked like a star. No sound. White. 2021.04.30 18:55 South African time SAST
  6. I am busy with historical research, and came upon this interesting newspaper article reported in the Transvaal Argus of 31 August 1894. The report appears on page 3 of the newspaper under the heading “What was it?”. I know absolutely nothing about weather phenomenon, but perhaps a meteorologist could shed some light on possible causes? […]
  7. Last night my husband and I stood outside and just stared up at the stars as it was a day after new moon. We stay on a smallholding just North of Pretoria. At 21:15 he just shouted: “kyk!” I was also looking up at the time. At first I thought it was a shooting star, […]
  8. this morning, 03/02/2021 , between 07h15 and 07h25 am approximately, my neighbour showed my 9 year old daughter and myself, a dark object in the sky. we live in rietfontein pretoria. what we saw, blew my mind. it was moving across the sky from east to west. at first in thought it was an eagle. […]
  9. I’ll try and keep it short, i was homeless at the time was sleeping in someones yard can’t remember date time was between 11 and 12pm it was in 2016, one night as usual i go to place of sleep was not tired but just laying down and waiting to fall asleep was very quiet […]
  10. From my perspective based on what was seen, the larger space craft camouflaged with the night sky, only visible was the left side, a partial line of light like that of a slightly opened door. At first i thought it was i shooting star, however, the line if light did move. What seems to appear […]