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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. Dear UFO research South Africa, Trusting all is well. My name is Murray and I would like to share a UFO sighting that occurred about 20 years ago in Durban. This event took place at a local soccer club in Durban, situated just a short distance away from Virginia Airport. I cannot recall at this […]
  2. Date Friday 24th June Time 20.15 i was out walking my Dog when i saw a bright object which was not moving i took a couple of photos and then it disappeared in the blink of an eye, when i checked the pictures it looks like a bright light in fact it looked like the […]
  3. Still hovering over plattekloof makes sudden movement left right and up and down been there for over 3 hours now. Got video footage but can’t upload here
  4. It’s black then almost a filver mettalic been hovering over plattekloof for well over 3 hours now. It’s still there! Moves rapidly up and down then to the side. Currently hovering dead still over plattekloof. Still there if you want to see. No idea what the hell it is.
  5. Last night 23h00 I came out of toilet on a plot outside Meyerton, and in the VW van we stay I was undressing when I saw an amazing flying object passing horizontally ow in sky, at first it seemed a bit like a comet with sparks flying off the head and a long thin body […]
  6. Dear Sir/Madam, I am a 49yr old Indian male, living in Durban S.A (Chatsworth). I have witnessed several unusual incidents with unknown crafts, falling objects that change direction mid-way, unexplained stars that move and other strange incidents which defy any rational explanation. I have been seeing these events since my early teens when i was […]
  7. It was Sunday 1st May 2022 approximately 4am. I stay in the Virginia area Durban North. I was standing in the garden and staring out at the ocean view It didnt take me very long to notice two extremely bright orbs, one smaller than the other just sitting in the sky above the tree line. […]
  8. Last night, +- 10:15 pm Large bright light shining low over the mountain buttress, looking from Bishopscourt. A couple of months before in the early hours of the morning I had seen this inexplicable white bright light hovering over the mountain. It was much larger than any star and flashing, plus it seemed to have […]
  9. The object was traveling from a southerly direction northwards. It was a very long straight line of lights, no noice. Travelled at a very high speed. Disappeared as it appeared (suddenly) . It occurred in Centane in the Eastern Cape at approximately 20h30. There were 5 witnesses.
  10. A ball light in the night sky that looked like a star at first. It moved slowly across the sky. 2 of us saw it. It moved quicker in seconds and then vanished. Pinetown SA