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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. Hi Mr. Warling & those holding concern… I Was lucky enough to catch an image of this craft in Robertson on the 24/11/19 in Barry STR , next to Shoprite @ Robertson Mall. Note. , Object first made a vertical ascension , then hovered and blasted off at breakneck speed. Have been seeing them eversince […]
  2. Last night in Port Elizabeth we saw a consistent flow of lights across the sky, spaced equidistant from another, continuing for about 15 mins (Approx 150 lights). The individual lights looked similar to satellites moving in the night sky, but they were perfectly spaced out with one or two exceptions in the 15min period. Did […]
  3. On 03/12/2019 at about 21:45 we saw about 20+ ligths in the sky all perfectly aligned. At first my boyfriend stated that it’s strange that we can see Orion’s belt from the front of our house. But when we looked closer we counted about seven lights all perfectly aligned from a South Westerly point of […]
  4. At around 21h30 on the 03/12/2019 Montagu Western Cape I saw a string of lights atleast 30 from the time I started looking moving all at a constant speed east over the muntains and fading away at about 90 degrees or about 1 oclock. They looked like saterlites in colour, speed but judging think they […]
  5. I took a random pic while on a trip to clanwilliam.
  6. Orb seen from fourways. Moved slowly but erratically through the sky. Took a closer look with a telescope and were surprised to see a plasma ball of sorts with a wide variety of colors and fractal patterns in the center.It would also pulsate periodically. GradulaLly moved in an upward direction. Remained for hours.. I do […]
  7. Date: 29 November 2019 Time: Between 21:10 and 21:28 Place: Kloof, Durban, KZN, South Africa White orb/round light moving erratically behind clouds. My husband and I watched stunned for at least 15 or more minutes before clouds started thinning out and breaking, I caught a glimpse when it was just barely on the edge of […]
  8. Did anyone else see a really bright slow-moving object in the sky last night (25 Nov?) over Eastern Johannesburg? I saw it at around 8.25pm – high up in the East next to a star (I think it was a star, but it was much bigger and brighter than the star. It was a very […]
  9. On Saturday evening 17 Nov 2019 around 8.30 we were on a night drive in Pafuri and stopped to admire the stars and look for satellites. We saw a string of lights that looked like satellites flying on the same path from East to west. Some were brighter than others but if you used binoculars […]
  10. Sandsøy, Norway, Møre og Romsdal. My guy was driving the car pretty slow while we were just looking at the sky at 01:00 am ish, suddenly I saw this white light falling slow over the sky. It wasnt a shooting star, it was much slower, closer and bigger. Earlier that night i saw something I […]