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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. Date: 12/06/2018 Time: 08:20 pm Place: Rustenburg Submitted by: KayAss Report: My friends I saw an orange beam or ball of light falling from the sky. It wasn’t falling at the speed you’d expect it to if it was a falling rock or rocket. It was falling at a controlled pace. It showed signs of […]
  2. Date: 12/06/2018 Time: 08:10 pm Place: Scarborough Cape Town Submitted by: Anon Report: White light pulsing different colours, moving erratically. Seems to have a vertical piece above it. A thin white line above its core. The whole piece drifts up and down. Wiggling, the motionless then moving again. Can drift quite a distance then comes […]
  3. Date: 10/06/2018 Time: 05:45 am Place: Benoni Submitted by: AnonyMous Report: Saw a strobing light in the sky. Normally it’s an airplane’s strobe light but this was not in motion. It was completely still. Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t good enough to capture.
  4. Date: 07/06/2018 Time: 11:01 am Place: N12 Elandsfontein – on way to Alberton Submitted by: Anonymous Report: Was on the highway and noticed a disc shaped object (as it turned it in the air i saw light reflect off metal surface) cut across from left to right side. What made it all strange was that […]
  5. Date: 04/06/2018 Time: 09:00 pm Place: Roodepoort West Submitted by: Report: Im a educated professional but this blew my mind. It started a few weeks ago for me. I’ve been tracking an orange star that disappearshe just as quickly as it appears. On Monday evening after putting my little one to bed I looked out […]
  6. Date: 05/06/2018 Time: 09:45 am Place: North of Johannesburg Submitted by: Dee Report: I saw something fall vertically leaving two white trails or plumes in a V-shape behind it. It fell from very high up and the trails were crystal clear – the one on the left seemed a little fainter but still very clear. […]
  7. Date: 03/06/2018 Time: 02:20 pm Place: Germiston ariport Submitted by: costa Report: A good friend of mine with her brother inlaw saw what appears to be a cloaking ufo. was black and yet see through and almond shaped. it was very close to the airport and just hovered moving left to right quite quickly. This […]
  8. Date: 03/06/2018 Time: 06:45 pm Place: travelling towards Ballito 2km from off ramp Submitted by: Quintin Report: It looked as if a 737 was falling from the sky. It just dropped straight down Around 1500ft it fell with a tail of white light following it until it disappeared. We see it drop for about 3-4 […]
  9. Date: 02/06/2018 Time: 07:19 pm Place: Boksburg -26.236488, 28.295545 Submitted by: Andrew Report: Saw a ufo by M43 Leeuwpoort 113-Ir, Boksburg, 1459 -26.236488, 28.295545 near Engen van dyk park service station Bright object white in colour passing by very fast in the sky. Not mistaking it for a star, flying roughly same or high altitude […]
  10. Date: 30/05/2018 Time: 05:30 am Place: Krugersdorp Submitted by: Cathy Report: I was coming down the hill at Krugersdorp this morning driving towards Cradle stone when I saw a big bright light falling from the sky in the direction between OR Tambo and Pretoria. It did not have a tail like a shooting start and […]