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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. From my perspective based on what was seen, the larger space craft camouflaged with the night sky, only visible was the left side, a partial line of light like that of a slightly opened door. At first i thought it was i shooting star, however, the line if light did move. What seems to appear […]
  2. On 5 Jan 2021 (And various other recordings and voice notes during 2020) I hear at intervals, an almost magnetic pulse sound, flying in circles over our yard and house into open fields. The biggest difference with my “sighting” is just that, I don’t see anything! The object flies over our heads, we hear it, […]
  3. I was on the car with my mom and my boyfriend, my mom was driving and my boyfriend and I sat in the back seats. We drove up a road in crestholme when my boyfriend pointed out something in the sky. I looked to where he was pointing and what we saw was a giant […]
  4. Me and my husband went hiking on Paarl Mountain on 21 September 2020. I took photos with my mobile phone and after going through the photos at home, I noticed something strange. At 13.26 I took a photo of Gordons Rock while walking towards Nantes Dam. At the time of taking the photo I did […]
  5. On 30 November 2020 between 5pm and 6pm we spotted an object north east in the sky almost directly above us. The object stayed stagnant for about half an hour, if there was any movement, it was very slightly from left to right or right to left. At about 6pm the object’s colour started changing […]
  6. Was a light and I was 4 meters away got photo and video from my cctv they where about 4
  7. Worcester Western Cape 30/12/17 Moon changing shape
  8. Wow what was that? 30/12/17Worcester Western Cape Moonlight changing light and shape.
  9. On friday 11 September 2020 around 4pm we saw 1 white dot far in the sky. Almost looking like a star during daytime. It did not move. After an hour it disapeared and appeared again at a different location in the sky above us. We tried to photograph it but could not really see what […]
  10. stay in polokwane flora park was in my back yard laying on a mat looking at sky at around 1 o clock daytime just looking at clouds minding my own then the it was in the sky moving a decent speed it was black in color i watched it for like 7 minutes it changed […]