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  1. by Nick Redfern         December 9, 2017           ( • In 1980, William Moore co-authored the book,The Roswell Incident. Soon thereafter, Moore was contacted by intelligence insiders who would covertly pass along intelligence information. In 1984, Moore’s friend, tv producer Jaime Shandera received a roll of film of photos of […]
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  2. by Callum Hoare          February 16, 2018           ( • This is another article regarding the white UFO that was tracked on a northern course over northern California (near Mt Shasta) and into Oregon. When the UFO reached the Oregon border, it dropped off of radar, but was continued […]
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  3. by Tyler Rogoway            February 15, 2018           ( • This article gives a play-by-play of a UFO event that occurred on October 25th, 2017 over Northern California and Oregon, according to the radar images and lengthy voice recordings of FAA officials, Air Force radar operators, and airline […]
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  4. by Anna Ketler             February 8, 2018            ( • Some say that the fifteen percent of people who have Rh-negative blood could be a separate humanoid species from the majority. A pregnant woman’s own blood might attack an Rh-positive fetus in the womb. Rh-negative blood has […]
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  5. by Emma Parry            February 7, 2018             ( • British ufologist Philip Mantle has republished a book about “the Pascagoula Abduction” a bizarre ET encounter that took place in in Pascagoula, Mississippi on the evening of October 11th 1973. Mantle deems this one of the “most […]
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  6. by Sean Martin            February 12, 2018              ( • After a spate of recent sightings at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana have alien hunters speculating that extraterrestrials are watching the base. The website “UFO Hunters” shows there have been close to 20 sightings […]
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  7. by Alex Hollings               February 6, 2018               ( • In 2017, data analyst Adam Crahen plotted all 58,828 reports submitted between 1995 and 2014 to the National UFO Reporting Center on a map of the United States, resulting in a green swath across nearly […]
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  8. by Nick Redfern          February 6, 2018          ( • From 1949 to 1956, Sir Peter Horsley served as an RAF officer n the home of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, now known as Queen Elizabeth II and her consort, Prince Phillip (pictured above). • Horsley became interested […]
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  9. by Brent Swancer            February 7, 2018             ( • Portals and stargates are believed to be mechanisms by which beings may instantaneously travel to and from great distances and the Earth, where the portal or stargate is located. Portals occur naturally while stargates are artificially constructed. […]
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  10. by Sean Martin           February 5, 2018              ( • Astrophysicist John Brandenburg brought forth evidence of a thermonuclear blast on Mars in his 2015 book, Death on Mars, which destroyed the Mars civilization there in the ancient past and rendered Mars a barren planet. • This discovery […]
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