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  1. by Arjun Walia      November 13, 2017      ( We are living in the beginning stages of a second scientific revolution, one where scientists from all over the world are coming together to emphasize something that has tremendous implications for us all – that physical matter is NOT the only reality. It’s a field […]
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  2. by Joe Martino      November 20, 2017       ( Our world is run by psychopaths. As Foster Gamble put it, “an elite group of people and the corporations they run have gained control over not just our energy, food supply, education, and health care, but over virtually every aspect of our lives; and […]
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  3. by Arjun Walia       November 10, 2017       ( • In 2015, scientists in Barcelona created a magnetic wormhole in a lab that tunnels a magnetic field through space. Wormholes are cosmological objects that allow one to create “shortcuts” through space in order to travel vast distances in a shorter period of time. […]
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  4. by Robert David Steele       November 7, 2017       ( • In this article, the former CIA agent and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize who has blown the lid off of the Deep State, Robert David Steele, speculates as to arbitrary black-balling on social media sites and who is behind it. • […]
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  5. On November 18, JP, a source who has been supplying me with photos of classified antigravity craft in the vicinity of MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, contacted me with an incredible story about being led to and stepping through an invisible portal into the Earth’s past. Then he really caught my attention by producing one […]
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  6. by Arjun Walia       November 9, 2017        ( • With the release of government documents, to high level testimonies from high ranking military and political figures, the existence of UFOs is a confirmed reality. Official government documents prove that defense and government agencies have been examining this topic for a while. […]
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  7. By Kalee Brown     November 8, 2017     ( • The new Netflix original series, Stranger Things, is based on the real-life government MK Ultra program regarding telepathy and parallel universes. • In Project MK Ultra, a CIA-sanctioned program that ran from the 1950s until mid-1970s, numerous people including young children fell victim to experiments […]
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  8. by Arjun Walia     November 7, 2017      ( • In an interview with ufologist Richard Dolan, Dolan related that prior to winning the US Presidency, Donald Trump was outspoken about the power of corporate America, elite level pedophilia in the government, and government backing of terrorist organization. He was clearly a political “outsider” […]
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  9. by Paul Seaburn     November 9, 2017       ( • Someone found a video on the “Dark Web” that appears to be an EBE “alien” (“extraterrestrial biological entity” ) that froze to death in the snow in Switzerland in 1992. There are photos of people around looking at the body, and they hoisted the […]
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  10. by Paul Seaburn      November 3, 2017      ( • Presbyterian Reverend Barry Downing, has published a new book, Biblical UFO Revelations: Did Extraterrestrial Powers Cause Ancient Miracles?as a sequel to his 1968 book, The Bible and Flying Saucers. • In the book, Downing speculates that the angels in the Bible are actually […]
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