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  1. by Ralph Hall                     February 7, 2019                       ( • For the real people represented in the following alien abduction films, extraterrestrial visitations to our planet are nothing short of the absolute truth. Through hypnosis and conscious recall, […]
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  2. by George Knapp and Matt Adams                    February 1, 2019                 ( • In his first on-camera interview since battling some health issues, former Nevada Senator Harry Reid (pictured above) told the I-team’s George Knapp that he maintains his enthusiasm for […]
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  3. by Dave Somers and Ian Smay                   January 31, 2019                    ( • Peter Davenport is the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Harrington, Washington, which tracks sighting of UFOs across the country and compiles data relating to […]
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  4. Alejandro Rojas                  January 30, 2019                          ( • Episode 4 of the History Channel series, Project Blue Book, is entitled “Operation Paperclip” and delves into the events in Huntsville, Alabama in the late 1950’s, when the […]
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  5. by Harry Pettit                   January 30, 2019                   ( • German scientist Dr Michael Hippke theorizes that the gravity on alien worlds may be so strong that rockets can’t power through their atmospheres. Therefore, if an advanced alien civilization wanted contact […]
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  6. by Vadim Ioan Caraiman                January 30, 2019                ( • Not long ago, a team of Canadian astronomers spotted weird and repeating fast radio bursts (FRB) signals coming from deep space for the second time in history. Senior SETI astronomer Seth Shostak […]
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  7. by Nirmal Narayanan                February 2, 2019                  ( • Gerardo Choko Trompetas recently sent the YouTube channel ‘Mavi777’ a video he shot of an apparently massive UFO hovering in the skies above the city of Tijuana, Mexico, in broad daylight. The […]
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  8. by Mark Price                 January 30, 2019                   ( • On January 25th, Bret Jones, known as SpaceBret on YouTube, was trying to film birds near his home in Guilford County, North Carolina, just outside of Greensboro, when he “noticed a strange […]
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  9. by paradox                 January 30, 2019                     ( • Victor Viggiani, a retired school principal from Toronto, Canada, addressed a distinguished panel at the Alien Cosmic Expo in 2016 with classified documents of the North American Command Aerospace Defense (NORAD) concerning […]
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  10. by Bill Bain                    January 27, 2019                        ( • On January 16th, a declassified DIA/Pentagon letter dated January 9, 2018 addressed primarily to the late Arizona Senator, John McCain, as the Chairman of the Armed Services […]
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