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  1.   February 8, 2020                              ( • An international team of astronomers at the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment Fast Radio Burst Project (CHIME) in British Columbia has discovered a radio source 500 million light years from our solar system that is […]
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  2.   Article by Simon Green                           February 7, 2020                            ( • Mike Turber, a US Air Force ‘insider’ and former USAF intelligence expert who had previously claimed that the Nimitz ‘tic […]
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  3.   Article by Daniyal Sohail                      February 7, 2020                          ( • Russian scientists have begun construction on a telescope that can be used to search for signals transmitted in the optical spectrum from extraterrestrial […]
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  4.   Article from Liverpool Hope University                   February 6, 2020                     ( • Recently installed Chancellor at Liverpool Hope University and Professor of Planetary and Space Science, Monica Grady told a university audience recently that the notion of undiscovered life […]
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  5.   Article by Rick Neale                     February 6, 2020                     ( • In February 2012, at the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) in Patrick Air Force Base near Melbourne, Florida, retired Air Force Colonel Chuck McBrearty told the […]
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  6.   Article by Emma Parry                         February 5, 2020                        ( • In July 1947, a “flying disk” crash landed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. Military troops moved into the area to investigate […]
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  7.   Article by Heather Staible                       February 2, 2020                        ( • In the fall of 2020, Steve Kopelman, the COO of ‘Escape the Room’, will open ‘Seismique’ in Houston, Texas – a 40,000 square foot […]
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  8.   Article by Zero Hedge                         February 6, 2020                            ( • One year ago, China’s Chang’e 4 probe and the Yutu-2 rover it carried onboard have been busy photographing and scanning minerals, […]
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  9.   Article by Daymond Steer                     February 7, 2020                         (conwaydailysun) • For years, The Conway Daily Sun (in Conway New Hampshire) has made it a habit at election time to ask the candidates about their stance […]
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  10. The famed Tic Tac shaped craft captured on video and sighted by multiple US Navy pilots beginning in 2004 are advanced US Air Force spacecraft capable of traveling at 500 mph underwater and 24,000 mph into space according to a former intelligence specialist in electronic communications.
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