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  1. Curtis Waltman            April 18, 2018               ( In response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by MuckRock, an on-line, not-for-profit organization that researches and shares government documents, to Washington State Fusion Center in regard to an investigation into Antifa and white supremacist groups, […]
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  2. by Himanshu Goenka               April 13, 2018                 ( • The theory of a large planetary object called Nibiru that will either pass very close to or collide with Earth have persisted since 1995 when Nancy Lieder, a Wisconsin woman who claimed to be […]
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  3. by Donna Hunt             April 3, 2018              ( • In January 1878, the Denison Daily News (Denison, Texas) ran an article on a farmer living some six miles north of Dallas named John Martin who saw a dark object high in the sky while out […]
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  4. by Scott Billeck          April 3, 2018           ( • In 1967, Stefan Michalak was out searching for precious metals on May Long weekend near Falcon Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park, in Manitoba, Canada, when he came upon a UFO sitting on the ground. It melted his glove when […]
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  5. In Part 1, I analyzed QAnon posts identifying the puppet masters behind the Deep State – the Rothschild family, House of Saud, and George Soros – and the enormous financial resources at their disposal. To achieve control at a global level, the three puppet masters coordinate their efforts through different functions they respectively exercise. QAnon […]
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  6. There has been a number of important developments within the U.S. that indicate how ferocious the behind the scenes battle has become between President Donald Trump and senior Deep State officials embedded within the Federal bureaucracy. The most telling struggle involves the April 9, 2018 FBI raid on Trump’s long time personal attorney Michael Cohen, […]
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  7. by Arjun Walia           April 2, 2018           ( • Professor Howard Wiseman and his team of researchers at the University of Tokyo recently verified an experiment devised by the Griffith University’s Centre for Quantum Dynamics and published the results in the journal Nature Communications. They split a single […]
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  8. by Joe Pinkstone           April 3, 2018            ( • A conspiracy theorist known only as ‘Graham’ claims that video from a NASA live-feed from the International Space Station on March 31st shows a UFO. He posted the video on his YouTube channel “Conspiracy Depot”. (see 2:14 minute […]
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  9. by Adam Frank            April 2, 2018             ( • Harvard astrophysicists Avi Loeb and Manasvi Lingam are exploring the universe looking for ‘exo-civilizations’ using “bio-signatures” and “techno-signatures” that are more technologically advanced than the radio waves that SETI depends on. Loeb and Lingam have explored a […]
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  10. by Chris Mahon          April 2, 2018           ( • British microbiologist Dr. Milton Wainwright sent a balloon 84,000 feet in the atmosphere to collect dust and other particles. When he got a look, he found in the sample a tiny metal ball made of titanium and vanadium, about […]
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