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  1. Updates of the situation regarding the alleged humanoid Nazca mummies found in Nazca will be continuously provided for a few days…My video of the July 11, 2017 Press Conference July 12First of all, a Summary of Findings by the team of scientists working with Gaia TV, Jaime Maussan, and Inkari Institute. Translated with Google Translator from Mr. […]
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  2. Cybercrime appears to be so common an occurrence that we dismiss it as the work of petty hackers in computer labs and cafes all across the world. Certainly, we should be concerned about our data, but when extraterrestrials and other threats are out there, identity theft and having to get a new credit card shipped […]
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  3. by Duke Brickhouse                                                                                           Part Four in the Channeling Series (Part […]
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  4. Dr. Monica Borine’s Exopsychology of Anomalous ExperienceDr. Monica Borine, a Clinical Psychologist from Brazil, will speak on Exopsychology, Friday evening 7:00 pm, July 14, 2017,  at Mind Body Medicine Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, sponsored by the Institute for Exoconsciousness. Dr. Borine will present research from her recent postdoctoral degree (in progress) at the University of Hawaii. […]
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  5. This is the video version of the article, “Slave Colony on Mars Claim goes Mainstream” published on on July 2, 2017.Narrated by the author, Dr. Michael Salla.
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  6.                                                                               Kenneth ArnoldToday (June 24, 2017) is the 70th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold’s sighting that initiated the […]
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  7. Above is the audio version of an article published on on June 22, 2017. Narrated by Dr. Michael Salla.Source Article
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  8. by Duke Brickhouse   –   Part Three in the Channeling Series“Reptilian extraterrestrials… were actively working with the Nazi leaders and the Nazi scientists during World War II. This, researchers have correctly determined.” But it is actually “the Anunnaki [who] are the great taskmasters underlying all of the alien agenda and presence… allowing the other aliens […]
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  9. Some images of alleged humanoid remnants (including X-rays) safeguarded at Instituto Inkari in Cuzco, Peru. I think that other remnants are kept elsewhere as well.        Image of a presumably well-preserved skeleton with unknown characteristics. Notice a round object on the left 3-fingered hand.  There is a possibility that some of the alleged humanoid mummies or remains among […]
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  10. [May 1, 2017 – Kaimu, Hawaii] The Exopolitics Institute is pleased to announce that classes begin on May 15 for a number of educational programs designed for those interested in developing professional qualifications in exopolitics; and/or acquiring analytical tools, research methods and investigative techniques for evidence concerning extraterrestrial life. Our experienced faculty of educators and trainers collectively offer decades of experience in […]
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