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  1. by Brinkwire                     June 11, 2019                        ( • For years many have claimed to have seen alien spacecraft hovering above Earth, crop circles, and even evidence of alien species around us. Some scientists also believe that […]
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  2. by Robyn Darbyshire                        June 11, 2019                      ( • Over the past 11 years, Britain’s Ministry of Defence has declassified secret files on UFO sightings, giving the public access to previously undisclosed information in the […]
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  3. by Sean Martin                 June 11, 2019                  ( • Scientists searching for habitable alien worlds usually focus on the ‘habitable zone’, where the region of space is neither too cold nor too warm for life to exist. Star gazers at the […]
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  4. Gerald Celente is famous for predicting that currency wars lead to trade wars which lead to shooting wars.  That's the pattern that preceded both world wars of the 20th century and that's what we have now. In fact, one can make the argument that it is all one Long War like Dick Cheney predicted or that it is a continuation of the Crusades that Bush, Jr. let slip once soon after 9/11.
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  5. by Susan Leighton                    June 10, 2019                      ( • Lucas Kim, a passenger on a Korean airline flight en route to Thailand when he noticed something just off of the plane’s wing. It wasn’t just another plane. […]
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  6. President Trump and members of the US Congress have recently received briefings about US Navy pilot sightings of UFOs. When combined with the Pentagon acknowledging that it had created a classified program to study the UFOs from 2007 to 2012 with Congressional funding, the briefings are leading to increasing speculation on whether we are on the verge of official disclosure on UFOs and their true origin.
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  7. by Jennifer Miller                     June 12, 2019                       ( • Vivian Gomez of Colorado Springs, CO, captured an image on her security camera at about 9pm on Sunday, June 2nd of a strange, scrawny creature walking down her […]
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  8. by Luis Elizondo                    June 15, 2019                   ( • In December 2017, the world was stunned to learn that pilots from the USS Nimitz, while conducting exercises off of the coast of California in 2004, had encountered (“tic tac”-shaped) […]
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  9. by Richard and Judy                 June 8, 2019                   ( • Since 1967, astronomers have reported seeing flashes of light emanating from the Moon, usually reddish or pink in color, and appear to be about 10 miles in diameter. They can last […]
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  10. by Jeff Schogol                   June 09, 2019                   ( • A number of credible media outlets have reported that Navy pilots are increasingly reporting sightings of unidentified aircraft, and the military is taking them seriously for a change. The Navy has […]
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