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  1. Article by Katy Gill                     August 5, 2019                      ( • On August 3rd, 2019, residents of Cincinnati, Ohio were treated to a bizarre light show during the daytime. Witnesses Laina and Angie captured the UFO sighting on […]
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  2. Article by Will Gendron                      August 07, 2019                      ( • On August 6th, Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Sanders took the opportunity to clarify his views […]
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  3. Here in beautiful British Columbia, it is difficult to fathom the extent of the filth surrounding our current political situation, especially in the US with the Epstein scandal following close on the heals of Russiagate with which it is closely related.Of course, Canada is not free from its own problems with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau under fire for his role in the SNC-Lavalin probe.
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  4. Article by Zara Muradyan                     August 3, 2019                    ( • Over 2 million Facebook users have RSVP’d to the “Storm Area 51” event in Nevada, where they plan to invade the US military’s most secretive base. Conspiracy enthusiast […]
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  5. The US Navy has for the second time in a year intervened to support a patent application for an exotic propulsion system technology lodged by one of its employees, Dr. Salvator Pais, which had been rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The Drive’s Brett Tingley comprehensively examines many details of Dr. Pais’ proposed invention, and why the Navy has intervened to support two of his applications.
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  6. Article by Sofie Jackson                      August 4, 2019                      ( • On October 11, 1973, Calvin Parker (then 19, pictured above today) and his co-worker Charles Hickson (then 42) were fishing on the Pascagoula river in Pascagoula, […]
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  7. Listen to “E68 8-14-19 Navy’s Advanced Aerospace Tech Boss Claims Key ‘UFO’ Patent is Operable” on Spreaker. Article by Brett Tingley                    August 2, 2019                    ( • In June it was reported that the US Navy had filed […]
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  8. Article by Moriah Gill                    July 30, 2019                    ( • On August 21, 1955, at the Sutton farmhouse in Kelly, Kentucky, Billy Ray Taylor saw a bright object shoot from the sky to the ground. He and the […]
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  9. Listen to “E67 8-13-19 First Contact or First Murder?” on Spreaker. Article by Guy P. Harrison                     July 31, 2019                     ( • A common practice in the scientific community is studying a biological creature by killing and dissecting […]
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  10. Listen to “E66 8-13-19 If Aliens Are Flashing Laser Beams” on Spreaker. Article by Tim Childers                        August 2, 2019                      ( • The $100 million 10-year project funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, called the  […]
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