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  1. by Nirmal Narayanan                 December 6, 2018                      ( Five clear signs which indicate the presence of extraterrestrial existence: • NASA Admission – A study report recently submitted by Silvano P. Colombano, a top scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Centre […]
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  2. by Arjun Walia              November 26, 2018              ( In the CIA’s FOIA Electronic Reading Room archives, a document states that “U.S. intelligence obtained a 250-page file on the attack by a UFO on a military unit in Siberia”. The file contains not only many documentary […]
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  3. by Sean Martin                   December 7, 2018                    (                                          On December 7th, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) launched a […]
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  4. by Erik Lacitis                   December 1, 2018                     ( • In 1961, a 2×3-inch rock was found in a mountain range near Olancha, California. When split open, a perfectly circular, porcelain-like section containing a tiny pin that responded to a […]
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  5. by Gerard du Cann                 November 29, 2018               ( • A ‘Thirdphaseoftmoon’ YouTube channel contributor sent in a photo of a “Superdome”-sized structure hidden in a crater on the Moon taken with a DSLR camera mounted on a powerful telescopic lens. (The Superdome […]
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  6. by Nirmal Narayanan               December 3, 2018              ( • Ancient technology expert Brien Foerster has suggested that structures like Machu Picchu (pictured above) could be actually the works of aliens who visited the earth from deep space. Foerster makes it clear that the native […]
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  7. by Jasper Hamill                 December 3, 2018                   ( • Silvano P. Colombano, of NASA’s Ames Research Center, says that some UFO sightings deserve to be taken seriously rather than dismissed out of hand. Colombano also insists that our species needs to […]
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  8. by magictr                         November 29, 2018                          ( • On November 23, 2018, a passenger in a commercial plane video recorded an orange glowing UFO over the state of New York. A copy of […]
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  9. by Nirmal Narayanan                       November 28, 2018                       ( • We already know about the rock paintings discovered in Charama, India depicting aliens and UFOs. Now, researchers at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland have discovered 40,000 year-old […]
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  10. by Nirmal Narayanan                November 28, 2018              ( • Declassified CIA files have revealed the fate of a group of Soviet-era KGB soldiers when they encountered a UFO during the peak of the cold war. While stationed at a military base in Antarctic, […]
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