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  1. by John Wenz                October 10, 2018                     ( • In 1960, Harvard PhD Frank Drake and his colleagues decided that rather than using the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia to determine the surface temperature of Venus or the radiation […]
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  2. by Nirmal Narayanan                  October 10, 2018                   ( • The Italian/American physicist, Enrico Fermi, famously asked, if there are millions of galaxies and stars out there in the deep space, why humans have not met any advanced intelligent alien forms […]
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  3. by Callum Hoare                   October 12, 2018                     ( • In 1938, archaeologist Chi Pu Tei and his team found a cave in the Kunlun-Kette mountains of China with petroglyph inscriptions on the walls and several tombs aligned in a […]
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  4. by Robbie Graham                    October 2, 2018                   ( • Western culture has an inclination to dismiss reports of UFOs from those who might dabble in psychedelics, such as our celebrated rock stars. But it is increasingly clear that naturally […]
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  5. by Latifa Yedroudj                     October 7, 2018                      ( • A new document has been leaked by Robert Bigelow’s ‘Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies’ describing a “living laboratory and paranormal hotspot known as Skinwalker Ranch,” located in the […]
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  6. by Andrew Griffen                   October 8, 2018                    ( • Jupiter’s moon Europa is often held up as one of the most promising places to discover extraterrestrial life. It is relatively near and has huge seas of liquid water under […]
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  7. by Rico                        October 3, 2018                     ( • Alejandro Sáenz and his wife, Cindy Picado, live near a mountain ridge in San Isidro de Heredia, Costa Rica (in Central America). From their home, they regularly see […]
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  8. The release of How Exoconscious Humans Guide our Space-Faring Future Phoenix, Arizona, October 16, 2018–What if the space exploration formula of computer science, robotics, meta-materials, and chemical rocketry lacks a key ingredient needed for advancement? In her recent book, How Exoconscious Humans Guide our Space Faring Future, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, a former member of Apollo […]
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  9. by Caleigh Jensen                 October 1, 2018                    ( • Professor Emeritus of Public Health at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Lawrence Weiss, who retired in 2004 after twenty years, says that his interest in flying saucers and extraterrestrial life began […]
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  10. September 30, 2018                   ( • In November 1979, Bob Taylor was left injured and traumatized after encountering a UFO in the Dechmont Woods outside of Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland (just west of Edinburgh). Now the encounter will be officially recognized by the West Lothian Council with a […]
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