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  1. by Svilen Petrov                   April 16, 2019                     ( An interesting image of a large black triangle (or two) hovering over the eastern Pacific Ocean landed on YouTube by the YT channels UFO SPAIN and MrMBB33. The video was captured […]
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  2. There is an important, welcome step forward towards de-stigmatizing UFOs and learning to relate more intelligently with this clearly intelligent and highly advanced technological phenomenon. I think that the briefings by To the Star Academy and its vital sharing of credible information about this important matter were influential for Navy decision-makers to take this important […]
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  3. by Arjun Walia                April 12, 2019                   ( • Remote viewing, i.e.: an ability of a human “viewer” to mentally “see” a remote time and place, which they may have never been to, has been proven scientifically to be accurate and […]
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  4. [April 22, 2019 – Holualoa, Hawaii] The Exopolitics Institute is pleased to announce that classes begin on May 13 for a number of educational programs designed for those interested in developing professional qualifications in exopolitics; and/or acquiring analytical tools, research methods and investigative techniques for evidence concerning extraterrestrial life. Our experienced faculty of educators and […]
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  5. by Sebastian Kettley                  April 15, 2019                  ( • Dr. Carmen Boulter, an expert in ancient Egyptian studies who led the documentary series The Pyramid Code, says that according to a ‘Dr. Sam’, there are more than 80,000 pyramids peppered […]
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  6. by Verona Jones                     April 10, 2019                       ( • It is apparent to viewers of the History Channel show, Ancient Aliens, that somehow, our ancestors had a much deeper understanding of both building techniques and aeronautical technologies […]
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  7. by Nirmal Narayanan                April 15, 2019                 ( • The YouTube channel, UFO Mania, has released mysterious video that shows a huge UFO trying to hide behind the moon. The video was taken by Daniil Tumanny of Indianapolis, Indiana. • The UFO […]
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  8. A Wikileaks document that referred to the destruction of a US moon base sometime in the 1970s has recently gained renewed attention. The document is dated January 24, 1979, and is titled “Report that UR Destroyed Secret US Base on Moon.” It was correspondence involving one or more officials from the U.S. State Department to Samuel L. Devine, a Republican member of the US Congress.  
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  9. by Jasper Hamill                   April 8, 2019                     ( • The list of titles to the 38 declassified documents generated under the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AATIP) that were released last year show that investigators studied ‘exotic technologies […]
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  10. by S.T. Patrick                 April 7, 2019                 ( • Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is calling for formal congressional hearings to study the government’s investigations into UFOs. By law, U.S. senators are barred from lobbying the legislative branch for two […]
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