Blue Flower

Location. Near Johannesburg South Africa
Date: July 19 1988
Time: 05:30 a.m.

Phyllis and her adult married daughter, Diane were in the latter’s car (Diane was driving her mother home) when they noticed an unusual star-like object. As it approached, they could see inside what proved to be an elongated craft. Through its lit windows they glimpsed its interior and saw six figures inside. Suddenly they felt a presence inside their vehicle. They heard a clicking sound and abruptly found themselves ascending a ramp into the UFO. A finely skinned, short woman with slightly slanted eyes and no hair, yet beautiful nonetheless, guided Diane. The alien woman wore a one-piece, navy-blue suit such as a jogger might wear. The three walked through an aromatic “mist” before entering the main part of the craft. Their guide told them, “Greetings, I am from the Pleiades, and my name is Meleelah. I am the commander of the craft”. She spoke in a soft but high-pitched, singsong voice. There were eight persons---two women and six men---inside the craft. One of the men helped as Meleelah put the two women on tables and subjected each to a physical examination, including an X ray and a shot under the right breast (this, it was explained was done in order to collect DNA and RNA samples). The other crewmembers paid no attention to the abductees. Afterwards, Meleelah showed them what looked like an ordinary map of the world. She told them that giant waves would soon destroy much of South Africa’s Cape area. (The melting of the ice?). Comparable destruction would occur elsewhere on the Earth with considerable loss of life. Those who wanted to survive should flee to the mountainous areas of Spain. The United States would go to war in the Middle East, and AIDS would kill many people everywhere. At the conclusion of the examination, the two women stepped down from the tables. Meleelah spoke and then performed some act that later neither Phyllis nor Diane could recall. All they knew was that Meleelah was abruptly wearing a different, more attractive-looking jacket. Soon the two became aware that Meleelah was reading their minds. At one point, after Diane had answered a question of Meleelah’s less than truthfully, the Pleiadean brought her face within inches of Diane’s. Her pupils became vertical, disturbingly reptilian. After the moment of anger had passed, Meleelah told them they could go. Two of the men escorted them back to their car, but not before the commander had promised that they would meet again in two years' time. She added that this was two years in Pleiadean time, four in Earth time. By the time they got home, neither woman remembered the incident. They only noted how strangely quiet and calm everything seemed to be: no traffic, no birds and no sound. Over time memories of the experience gradually returned. May 1992 came and went without a further contact.

HC addition # 1056
Source: Cynthia Hind, Mufon Symposium Proceedings 1993