Blue Flower

Location. Ladybrand, South Africa
Date: June/July 1945
Time: daytime

The 8 or 9-year old witness was playing with a friend next to the road which was about 100 meters from his house. Suddenly they realized something was coming their way. It was a very strange looking thing; it came down slowly and soundlessly and did not even frighten them as there was no rumble. It hovered overhead. The height is hard to estimate as they were only children, but he believes it was maybe 30 meters. It had, if he remembers correctly, a dull silver body which looked like the front part of a helicopter, but it did not have a tail or rotor blades. They stopped and watched it for a while. It just hung there doing nothing, but they could see “someone” inside. They tried to throw stones at it but it was just a little too high for them to reach.

HC addendum
Source: Marie van Staden, UFO Afrinews