Location. Northern Adamawa Province, Nigeria
Date: 1968 (date is approximate)
Time: evening

The witness, 10-11 year old Nevin Pfaltzgraff, son of missionaries posted in this isolated area near the border with the Cameroons, was exploring an area several hundred yards from the back of the house. This was not far from the base of a very large hill that had a sloped rock escarpment. He was about 100 yards from it, separated by large berry bushes through which he could see the rock. Suddenly, movement drew his attention and looking in that direction he saw several “humanoid” beings walking across the rock in single file, staring ahead. He does not remember the number but he thinks that it was between 3 and 5. The distance made it hard to judge their height, but his impression was that they were about 5ft tall. They were orange/red in color and did not appear to be clothed or carrying anything, they seemed asexual and could not see any details on the facial features. The most significant aspect of the experience (according to Nevin) was his reaction: He instantly “knew” that what he was seeing was abnormal, although at the time, being cut off from the news and the rest of the world he had no knowledge of UFOs or aliens. He was “electrified” as though all his hair over his body was standing on end and he ran from there as fast as he could. The witness at first thought that these had been orange monkeys, but the beings he saw were too tall, had no tails and walked like humans.
HC addendum
Source: Nevin Pfaltzgraff This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Type: E
Comments: Interesting report from an area where there not much information regarding these matters. I am sure that there are hundreds of hidden cases from the area.