Blue Flower

Location. Senghor Senegal
Date: October 21 1974
Time: 2030

Police inspector Felice Ravolo and his wife observed three objects descend and hover over trees just beyond their backyard. One, a cone shaped UFO the size of a large airplane, descended silently 100 feet away, as the primary witness approached with drawn revolver. At one end of the cone he could see a dark area, possibly a door or port. There was no sound; he could hear no crickets or other natural night sounds. He suddenly saw a figure on the ground beneath the object, behind a picket fence. The being was human in shape; taller and thinner than normal and appeared to be covered with short, wire-brush like hair. The entity loped slowly across the ground in the direction of the witness, who fired a warning shot; the figure then turned and with 20 foot strides, headed back towards the object, which then descended and engulfed the figure in one of its leaps. The witness fired again as the object ascended rapidly.
Humcat 1974-50
Source: Dr Richard A Egan & Ronald Drucker