Exo-109: Messages from Space - Past and Present Contact

On 10 May 2021 a new semester of courses starts at the Exopolitics Institute. This is one of the classes that will be taught.


This course takes us back to the early days of contact and the messages given to early contactees. It examines the geopolitical structure of the world in a cold war era. It focuses on the giant Rock conventions and the mission of people like George Van Tassel , Howard Menger and George Adamski. Then the course will shift to present day human alien contacts in both Italy and Latin America.  Contactees such as Sixto Paz, Ricardo Gonzales and Luis Fernando have given us messages about the shift that is taking place and the current evolution of man in the context of an inhabited cosmos.

Course Length: 14 weeks
Course Instructor: Paola Harris, MEd
Email: Paolaharris@hotmail.com


  • Paola Leopizzi Harris: Exopolitics: How does one speak to a Ball of light?
  • Paola Leopizzi harris : Exopolitics: Exopolitics: All the Above ( Authorhouse)
  • Howard Menger: From Outer Space to You
  • Howard Menger –The High Bridge Incident  ( look at ABE Books) for used copies
  • Dr. Frank Strangess : Stranger at the Pentagon
  • George Adamski and Desmond Leslie
  • Daniel Fry- The white Sands Incident
  • ** Required text: Timothy Good  EARTH- An Alien Enterprise (Copyright 2013)


Weekly Class Schedule

Week one: Eisenhower , Kennedy and the geopolitical picture of the 50’s and 60’s

 Interviews with people who were aware that Eisenhower and Kennedy were ‘ in the know “about the UFO problem.


Week two: Stranger at the Pentagon and the Val Thor story.

Excerpts from Stranger in the Pentagon/ Video Lecture By Dr. Frank Strangess  Who was Val Thor?

Val Thor: The movie and Craig Campobasso


Week 3 Three: The Legacy of George Adamski and his Contact with Orthon

Interview with Glen Steckling : The Steckling family’s preservation of the Adamski  Archive.

Radio Interviews MP3s of George Adamski’s Lectures


Week 4: The White Sands Incident and Daniel Fry

Interview with Daniel Fry and Messages given to him about the dangers of technology that does not advance in conjunction with the human evolution of spirituality.


Week 5: The Basic Model of Universal Contact is Humanoid.

Philosophical considerations about Contact with Human Type aliens

Essays from Carl Yung and other writers and Psychologists


Week 6 : The Vatican Position-  “The extraterrestrial is my brother”.

Declarations by Father Fumes, Chief astronomer for the Vatican and late Demonologist Monsignor Corrado Balducci. Discussions and interviews stating the Vatican Position.


Week 7: The Contact of George Van tassel and the building of the Integraton.

The meetings at Giant Rock  : a Commemorative book


Week 8 : Robert Short, Last of the Early Pioneers

Video footage of his channeling at Giant Rock April 3,2014

Book : They Came from the Stars


Week 9:  The Howard Menger Story

Book : From Outer Space to You.  The New Jersey Contact from Venus with Howard Menger and his wife Connie. Government involvement, recanting  the story and the meeting with Joseph Condon. In 1969.

Video footage. Download: From  OUTER SPACE TO YOU


Week  10. Human Alien Contact in South Africa

The Elizabeth Klarer Case

Book: Beyond the Light Barrier . Contact messages  about our ecology and  biosphere.

Discussion: Relationships with those from Outer Space - “Are We ready”?


Week 11: The w56’s and The Friendship Case ( Amicizia Case ) in Pescara,Italy

Interviews with Stefano Brescia and Paolo Di Girolomo

Excerpts from the Tim Good book and Paola Harris book about the AMICIZIA case

Studying : The Nine protocols for Contact


Week 12: Contact with Human Type aliens in Latin America

Interviews  with Sixto Paz, Ricardo Gonzales, Luis Fernando Mustajo, Alonzo  Vela Calderone.The transformation of man in conjunction with current  geophysical changes in our Universe: The Shift

An examination of these messages currently being given to Latin American Contactees.


Week 13: The Heart Connection in Contact

Do we come from the Stars? Where does humanity lie in the overall scheme of things?

Examining  several Philosophical Treatises that cover this subject

A video  Interview with Renato Longato by Paola Harris


Week 14.  Essay. A comparison- contract paper

Title : Early American Contactees and  current International contact . How does it differ in its cultural context, and the philosophical conclusions reached  by  the contactees in the abduction fear based stereotypical world of current UFOLOGY.


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