Exo-103: Best Evidence:
Expert Witness Testimony and Views on the ET presence

In her book Connecting the Dots, Paola Harris presents twenty six disclosure interviews from "top level" people who discuss their personal involvement in the UFO Phenomenon. These people are mostly military, intelligence and ex- NASA personnel.
Beginning from the time of her involvement with CUFOS and Dr. J. Allen Hynek in 1979 to today, she will share what these witnesses have shared with her and how this fits into the overall UFO Framework. She will discuss Colonel Philip Corso, Clifford Stone and her current investigation of Charles Hall, perhaps the biggest story in Ufology today. She will also discuss the contactee cases of Alex Collier and Jim Sparks.

In this class, Italian Journalist Paola Harris will discuss new "never before seen interviews" of these people, all part of the material she supplied to Area 51 Magazine in Italy. She has long been the bridge that has brought great personages to speak in Europe. She is firmly committed to Exopolitics as a visionary social science to handle the future "formal"contact that may come about in our lifetime.

The course will be offered by distance education and will involve a weekly lecture, online course reading material, and student/instructor communication through an email listserver.

Course Length: 14 weeks
Course Instructor: Paola Harris, MEd
Email: Paolaharris@hotmail.com

Recommended Texts:

J. Allen Hynek, PhD, The Ufo Experience: A Scientific Inquiry (Ballantine Books, 1974)
Michael E. Salla, PhD., Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Dandelion Books, 2004)
Timothy Good, Alien Contact ( Quill William Morrow 1993)
Paola Harris: Connecting the Dots: Making sense of The Ufo Reality (Granite Publishing, 2003)
Linda Moulton Howe, Glimpses of Other Realities: Facts and Eyewitnesses.
Colonel Philip Corso, The Day after Roswell (Simon and Schuster Inc., 1997 )

Registration can be done at The Exopolitics Institute.


Weekly Class Schedule**

(lectures sent out each Monday)

Week 1 - Introduction Part 1 - Close Encounters of the third kind: an Overview

Week 2 - Lecture on Allen Hyneck and Center for Ufo Studies (CUFOS) Project Blue Book The Ufo Experience

Week 3 - Witness testimonies Connecting the Dots: Chapter: The old Guard

Week 4 - Glimpses Of Other Realities: The Many faces of the UFO Phenomena from Crop Circles to cattle mutilations: What the Whistleblowers have told researcher Linda Moulton Howe about these connected Pheonomena. Also the Jim Sparks Case ( Contactee); and Linda's chapter on Military Voices (pages 1-144).

Week 5 - Researchers and Conflicting reports: Timothy Good's Research Witness testimony from all over the world

Week 6 - Roswell: The beginning of a search for truth

Week 7 - The Day After Roswell- Corso's Legacy

Week 8 - Alex Collier: Defending Sacred Ground- Contact from Andromeda

Week 9 - Technology and Treaties Connecting The Dots: chapters: The Insider, NASA, Mars and Underground Bases

Week 10 - Dr. Michael Salla's Book Exopolitics

Week 11 - Implications for Exopolitics: An Interactive discussion

Week 12 - Charles Hall; Clifford Stone; Steven Greer :An Attempt at Mass disclosure.

Week 13 - Strategic Principles & Responding to the Extraterrestrial Presence. What works and What fails?

Last Week - Five page research paper using some or all of these book sources.

** Note: A detailed syllabus with weekly readings will be posted to enrolled students before the completion of the course.